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Medley ([personal profile] medley) wrote2009-04-18 01:11 pm

*waves at dreamwidth*

I keep wanting to call it Dreamweaver, which, um, tells you how old I am, right there. But anyway, just wanted to ramble a bit because the page is sadly blank otherwise. I'm expecting this journal to be a lot like my LJ--mainly fannish rambling, mostly Doctor Who related. Art thrown in now and then. Maybe fic, if I ever start writing again. *does not hold breath*

I've got the music on my phone on shuffle and--wait a minute, let me just boggle about that for a second. Music. On my phone. Internet and twitter on my phone. That still amazes me. Anyway. I had a point. Which was, the assortment on the phone is even weirder than the one on iTunes--lots of Headstones interspersed by Dar Williams, Aretha Franklin, Indigo Girls, and just now, John Denver. I didn't think I had any John Denver. And he and Hugh Dillon make for extremely interesting musical whiplash. Oh, and now there's Pink. At least she and Hugh can yell at each other?

I haven't decided if I'm importing my stuff over or not, or what I'm going to do with this journal. But I like having my options open, right now.
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[personal profile] mad_jaks 2009-05-04 06:33 pm (UTC)(link)

I found myself idly humming John Denver tunes yesterday - are you to blame for this?

Your name look scuriously naked without its being hugged by its underscores...
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Er it was snatches of lots of popular ones

Calypso, Matthew, and- what's the one that has the lyrics about working on the farm and the dad teaching his son to play a tune on the fiddle?
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Sorry I also crooning Cool and Green and Shady - if that's any help? I need to after the jiggity rhythm of him "fiddlin'"